Our team of designers can create a masterful spa specifically tailored to work with your pool and backyard living needs. Just think of the great benefits a spa can offer; unwinding after a long day, rejuvenating with therapy jets, or extending usage in the cooler months. We encourage you to take a closer look at the outstanding processes we have in place to design and build your spa.

Designing Your SPA

Our role is to help you determine what you truly wish for in a spa.

There are many exciting features that you will need to consider when designing a spa. Our team of experts will work to understand how you plan to utilize your spa and will make recommendations on the best resources for choosing your selections within each area. Here is a look at some of the different areas clients will need to consider as you design your dream spa.

Step 1

Determine the best location for the spa. Where in proximity to your house or pool? Accessibility? Privacy? Safety? Do you want it as a focal point in the space?

Step 2

How much do you anticipate using your spa?
How large would you like your spa to be? (A typical spa is 7′ water to water)

Step 3

Determine who will be using the spa. What jets would you like in your spa?

Step 4

Determine the type of spa and the shape. If a pool is being installed, the type of spa you choose will most likely be concurrent with the pool design.

Step 5

Determine the features, such as waterfalls, seating, landscape boulders, and other aesthetics. Do you want a level spa or a spa with a spillover? Determine the look of the spa materials such as tile and coping, and what would go best with the pool or exterior of the home currently.

Step 6

Determine the type of equipment, filtration, cleaning systems, therapy jets, and lighting, as well as any other additional options the client may wish to add.

Building Your SPA

Let us sweat the details during the construction of your custom spa. Here is a list of steps that will take place during the build of your spa:

Step 1

The first step is obtaining a spa permit to begin construction. Permits are governed and issued by the jurisdiction in which you live; either city, county and/or HOA.. To make this a streamline process and easy on our clients, we will secure all official permitting for you.

Step 2

During this meeting, you will sit down with your Designer as well as the Operations Manager and Scheduler. At this time you will review all construction drawings and policy documents. All expectations and processes will be discussed.

Step 3

After the pool has been laid out and shape and location have been approved by the client, our Operations Manager will schedule the excavation (dig) of the pool.

Step 4

Prior to shooting gunite, all rebar, electrical, and plumbing will have been installed.

Step 5

Tile, coping, and water features will be installed after the gunite has cured. If you included a rock waterfall or accent boulders in your spa design, this is the phase in which they will be added.

Step 6

Clients will meet with our Operations Manager to approve the deck layout. Once approved, the concrete subdeck is poured, then either spray deck is added or stone is laid.

Step 7

Electrical, Interior Surface & Filling of Pool A licensed, professional electrical contractor will carefully make all of the electrical connections in your spa using National Electrical Code approved conduit, wire, and bonding. Next the equipment will be set and a final walkthrough will take place. Once final items are complete, the interior finish is installed.

Step 8

Our start-up technician will apply a protective UV coating on all exposed plumbing, finish the installation of your spa’s cleaning system, and label all your equipment. After balancing the water chemistry, they will start up your new spa and assure you that everything is running properly. The final step in completing the build process is teaching clients how to care and maintain their spa. The Start Up Technician will walk our clients through the equipment, chemical start-up, and answer any pertinent questions. Lastly, our Start Up Technician will visit your home and meet with you one-on-one to familiarize you with the operation of your new spa.

Spa Case Study

Project Name : Geometric in Jonestown
Location: Jonestown, Texas
School District: Lago Vista ISD
Client Wish List: Spa and pool to serve as a retreat getaway and compliment their lakeside lifestyle. Space to allow for entertaining friends and family, outdoor cooking and meals, a space for campfires and storytelling, and sunbathing and swimming.
Solution: The site, hosting a plethora of breathtaking views of the Texas Hill Country and Lake Travis, presented incredible design opportunities. The outdoor living’s over-the-top detailing includes top-of-the-line kitchen appliances, a handsome fire pit, magnificent geometric pool and spa, multilevel seating areas, stone decking and a hidden equipment room. The spa serves as the central hub of this lakeside sanctuary, in between the gorgeous pool and cozy fire pit. Variable speed pumps facet a highly proficient hydraulics system and an in-floor, self-cleaning system allows for proper circulation and is key in sustaining a clean, healthy spa and swimming pool.
Job Scope: Spa, Swimming Pool, Fire Pit, Outdoor Kitchen
Features: LED Laminar Jets, Infinity Edge Spillway with Catch Basin, Infloor Cleaning System
Shape: Geometric
Price Point: $80,000

  • Coping: Travertine
  • Tile: 6” Hand Painted Mexican Tile
  • Interior Finish: Pebble Tec
  • Deck: Lueder Stone

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