Designing Your Landscape

Designer Pools & Outdoor Living is committed to providing you and your family the outdoor space of your dreams. We begin by listening and understanding what will provide the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment for your family, and by discussing your needs and desires, and the special character of your yard. We believe that a successful landscape or garden begins with a plan based on individual needs and preferences. It needs to be well designed, properly installed and well maintained for years of pleasure, while add lasting value and beauty to your property.

Style 1


This look is a combination of native desert plants, such as cactus, agaves and succulents with the addition of lots of wildflowers, blooming shrubs and evergreen plants. These plants appear randomly placed. The look is very natural and unintentional, and winding paths and native boulder accents.

Style 2


This look provides lots of color for those who miss the green. Plants that would be used would include palms, yuccas, agaves and bougainvillea’s. Expect trellises and sun screening, with lots of citrus and plants that are going to stay green year round.

Style 3


Xeriscaping!! Here we have only native desert plants and trees. This is a great choice if you are looking for low maintenance and keeping things uncomplicated. Vibrant color from cactus and tree blooms.

Style 4


Keeping it clean, with straight lines, architectural forms and repetition. This is great for what is going on with the more modern designed homes. This look is disciplined, yet is highly individualistic in style.

Style 5


Blending the Native Desert and Southwestern styles, this is a great look to compliment the Texas Hill Country. Plants that are native, drought tolerant and beautiful to set off any outdoor space.

Building Your Landscape

After establishing your design style and completing an onsite evaluation, our designers get to work on bringing your dream a reality! We will create a plan that is not only beautiful, but provides functionality and balance to your space, all while staying on budget. Our team takes pride in enhancing the natural beauty of the Austin area through innovative landscape design and construction. Our designers incorporate the natural terrain, your vision for the property, and years of landscape design experience to enhance both the beauty and function of your landscape.

We provide the following landscaping services:

Step 1

Demolition of unwanted surfaces and structures (if necessary).

Step 2

Grading to address any drainage issues currently on site and for the future.

Step 3

If you are building a swimming pool or spa the excavation and construction will commence.

Step 4

Utility lines are run for water, gas or electric depending what is included in your design.

Step 5

Installation of irrigation system.

Step 6

Hardscape and masonry work begins for retaining walls, seat walls, patio, decking and pathways.

Step 7

Installation of outdoor living elements such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fireplaces, etc.

Step 8

Next plants and trees are installed.

Step 9

Testing of all systems; such as irrigation, gas or electric.

Step 10

Final cleaning and walkthrough.

Landscaping Case Study

Project Name : Landscape – Bella Vista
Location: Cedar Park, Texas
School District: Leander ISD
Job Scope: Native Hill Country Landscape Design
Client Wish list: Homeowners desired an oasis of color and beauty in their yard, with plants that required easy to maintain. Cohesion of design between front and back yards
Solution: The home’s landscape consistently flows from the front yard to the back, and addresses the client’s desires for a vibrant, Central Texas garden in multiple ways. Natural stone boulders accent the beds, and match the swimming pools relaxing waterfall design feature. Plantings native to the area were incorporated to draw in natural wildlife, and add colorful foliage throughout the year. In addition, this design incorporated drought tolerant, low-maintenance plants with low watering requirements.

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