The experts at Designer Pools offer commercial pool design and construction, service and renovations throughout the greater Austin area, and will work with you and your design committee to produce a custom, commercial pool design that fits the needs of its patrons and the community. We can also take your existing plans and provide you with a proposal for construction. Our expertise in designing, engineering, remodeling and servicing large scale commercial projects, throughout the design and build phases, will give you the confidence to select us as your #1 choice. In addition, our knowledgeable team of designers will produce full sets of construction documents that include all design, hydraulic and plumbing, electric and safety specifications required by your city and state municipality.

Community and commercial pools can be any shape and size, and provide recreation for residents and families to exercise, relax and have fun. In many cases, community pools will include lap lanes for patrons interested in fitness, mini water parks or water features for younger patrons to play, as well as areas for gathering spaces and relaxation. By carefully considering all of the available options in technology, materials and equipment during the initial design phase, our commercial pool design and construction projects are able to prevent and eliminate costly mistakes, while increasing efficiency throughout the life of your new pool.

By delivering a unique, state-of-the-art swimming pool, Designer Pools will enhance the beauty and value of your space. Additionally, because of our extensive experience, we understand the priorities of respecting the construction timeline and budget, and the need to keep disruption to its community to a minimum.

Designing Your Commercial Project

Commercial pools can be any shape and size, and provide recreation for residents and families to exercise, relax and have fun. Commercial swimming pool design and construction requires a different skill-set than residential. There are many exciting features that you will need to consider when you are designing your community swimming pool. Our team of designers will work with you to create your swimming pool, important features for fitness, enjoyment, relaxation and growing trends in design and technology. They will also make recommendations on the best selection resources for your investment. Here is a look at some of the different areas clients will need to consider as they design their community swimming pool.

Step 1

Determine the best location for the pool by answering these questions:

  • Where do you want the location in proximity to public amenities?
  • How will the community utilize the pool?
  • Who will be using the pool?
  • What type of aesthetics are important…water features, slides, rocks, and/or benches?
  • How will the pool be maintained after it is built?

Step 2

Determine the size and shape of the pool.

Step 3

Determine the type of pool, such as free-form, geometric, or Grecian, infinity or vanishing-edge pools.

Step 4

Determine the features, such as water features, oversized steps, benches, rocks, slides, diving boards, etc.

Step 5

Determine the look of the swimming pool materials, like tile and coping, by determining what would go best with the aesthetics of the community and the look and feel desired for the new outdoor space.

Step 6

Determine the type of equipment, filtration, and cleaning system that is right for your swimming pool, according to current safety standards and patron usage.

Building Your Commercial Project

The steps of building your community swimming pool. Let us sweat the details during the construction of your custom pool. Here is a list of steps that will take place during the build of your swimming pool:

Step 1

The first step is obtaining a pool permit to begin construction. Permits are governed and issued by the jurisdiction in which your community is located. To make this a streamline process and easy on our clients, we will secure all official permitting for you.

Step 2

During this meeting, you will sit down with the Designer Pools construction team . At this time the construction drawings and policy documents will be reviewed. All expectations and processes will be discussed, and all materials selections will be made.

Step 3

After the pool has been laid out and shape and location have been approved by the client, excavation will begin.

Step 4

Prior to shooting gunite, all rebar, electrical, and plumbing will have been installed.

Step 5

Tile, coping, and water features will be installed after the gunite has cured. Any rock waterfalls or accent boulders in the pool design, will be added during this phase.

Step 6

The deck shape will be laid out for client approval. Once approved, the concrete subdeck is poured, then either spray deck is added or stone is laid

Step 7

A licensed, professional electrical contractor will carefully make all of the electrical connections using National Electrical Code approved conduit, wire, and bonding. Next the equipment will be set and all final punch list items will be completed. Once final items are complete, the interior finish is installed.

Step 8

Our start-up technician will apply a protective UV coating on all exposed plumbing, finish the installation of the pool’s cleaning system, and label all pool’s equipment. After balancing the pool’s water chemistry, they will start up the new pool and test all equipment to assure the system is running properly. The final step in completing the build process is teaching community maintenance staff how to care and maintain the pool, spa and water features. The Start Up Technician will walk appropriate personnel through the equipment, chemical start-up, and answer any pertinent questions.

Commercial Case Study

Project Name: Villas at Lake Travis
Location: Austin, Texas
School District: Lake Travis ISD
Client’s Wish List: Pool and spa remodel for condominium residents. Design must highlight the breath-taking view of Lake Travis, with ample deck space for lounge seating, umbrellas and tables.
Solution: The pool was redesigned to flow consistently throughout the space and incorporates an oversized spa for residents to enjoy and relax in. A tiered spillway with dancing water features sets the mood for an tranquil ambience perfect for this lake side community. Multiple deck jets surround the pool, along with beautiful, stone decking and raised planter beds. To allow for ample efficiency, and hydraulic optimization, the entire equipment system was revamped. Condo patrons now can refresh after a strenuous workout at the on-site recreational facility or a long walk on the nature paths.
Job Scope: Swimming Pool, Spa and Deck Remodel
Features: (7) Deck Jets, (3) Dancing Waters at Tiered Spa Spillway
Shape: Freeform

  • Coping: Lueder Stone
  • Tile: 6″ Frostproof Waterline Tile
  • Interior Finish: Pebble Tec
  • Deck: Lueder Stone

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