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Pools Gallery

Geo Pool Autcover

Georgetown Pool Deck Scored Concrete

Georgetown Pool Lueder Stone

Georgetown Pool Plaster

Jonestown geometric pool

Jonestown pool deck coping

Jonestown pool deck

Jonestown pool lueder stone

Jonestown pool mexican tile

Jonestown pool pebble tec

Jonestown pool travertine

Rollingwood Pool Coping Lueder Stone

Rollingwood Pool Deck Lueder Stone

Rollingwood Pool Pebble Tec

Birdwell Geo Pool 2

Steiner Ranch Pool Infinity Edge Spillway with Catch Basin

Thoppil Pool Geo 6

Thoppil Pool Geo 5

Thoppil Pool Geo 4

Thoppil Pool Geo 3

Thoppil Pool Geo 2

Thoppil Pool Geo Lower Catch Basin

Mourtizen Geo Pool 10

Mourtizen Geo Pool 9

Mourtizen Geo Pool 8

Mourtizen Geo Pool 7

Mourtizen Geo Pool 6

Mourtizen Geo Pool 5

Mourtizen Geo Pool 4

Mourtizen Geo Pool 3

Mourtizen Geo Pool 2

Mourtizen Geo Pool 1

Grethel Geo Pool 6

Grethel Geo Pool 5

Grethel Geo Pool 4

Grethel Geo Pool 3

Grethel Pool

Grethel Geo Pool Autcover

Birdwell Geo Pool 6

Birdwell Geo Pool 5

Birdwell Geo Pool 4

Birdwell Geo Pool 3

Brushy Creek Freeform Pool Frostproof Waterline Tile

Brushy Creek Freeform Pool Oklahoma Flagstone

Brushy Creek Freeform Pool Overview

Brushy Creek Freeform Pool Raised Wall

Brushy Creek Spa and Pool

Canyon Creek Outdoor Fire Pit Pool

Cedar Park Freeform Pool Spa1

Cedar Park Freeform Pool Waterfall

Cedar Park Freeform Pool with Pergola

Cedar Park Freeform Pool with water feature min

Cedar Park Freeform Pool

Escalera Ranch Freeform Pool

Freeform Pool Negative Edge1

Freeform Pool Negative Edge2

Freeform Pool Swim Up Bar Underwater Barstools Outdoor Living Fire Pit

Georgetown Freeform Pool Oklahoma Flagstone

Georgetown Freeform Pool Overview

Georgetown Freeform Pool with Raised Wall

Georgetown Freeform Pool with Water Feature

Georgetown Freeform Pool

Cedar Park Freeform Pool with Pergola

Freeform Pool Swim Up Bar Underwater Barstools Outdoor Living Fire Pit

Rinn Freeform Pool Raised Wall Spa

Montee Freeform Pool 6

Montee Freeform Pool 5

Montee Freeform Pool 4

Montee Freeform Pool 2

Back Camera

Back Camera

Back Camera

Kobren Freeform Pool 3

Kobren Freeform Pool 2

Kobren Freeform Pool 1

Hix Freeform Pool 4

Hix Freeform Pool 3

Hix Freeform Pool 2

Hix Freeform Pool 1

DeHaven Freeform Pool 2

DeHaven Freeform Pool

DeHaven Freeform Pool 1

Buckley Freeform Pool 1

Buckley Freeform Pool Negative Edge and Catch Basin

Buckley Freeform Pool Negative Edge

Atkinson Freeform Pool Tiered Spa Spillway

Atkinson Freeform Pool Raised Wall Stone Scuppers Tiered Spa Spillway

Rinn Freeform Pool Raised Wall Spa 2

Stacy Freeform Pool 2

Stein Freeform Pool 1

Stein Freeform Pool 2

Stein Freeform Pool 3

Stein Freeform Pool 4

Stein Freeform Pool 5

Stein Freeform Pool 6

Stein Freeform Pool 7

Stein Freeform Pool 8

Swimming Pool Case Study

Project Name : Freeform in Terravista
Location: Round Rock, Texas
School District: Round Rock ISD
Clients Wish list: Large pool with soothing water feature, spa and bar seating for entertaining guests. A shade structure to cover fire place, seating and kitchen area, and a way to address the severe slope towards the end of the property and make it into a functional space.
Solution: A freeform pool was designed to fit snugly into the space with a gorgeous, natural stone waterfall and a sunken spa flanking each end. In between these features, and to utilize the newly created lower deck level, a bar top off the pool coping serves as great seating and socializing space for family and friends. A wood pergola was constructed to add shade and privacy to the outdoor living areas and help create a cozy getaway for dinners on the patio or unwinding by the fireplace.
Job Scope: Swimming Pool, Spa, Pergola, Outdoor Kitchen
Features: Large Natural Stone Waterfall, Swim Up Bar Seating
Shape: Freeform
Price Point: $80,000-$90,000

  • Coping: Oklahoma Flagstone
  • Tile: 6″ Frostproof Waterline Tile
  • Interior Finish: Pebble Tec
  • Deck: Spray Deck
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