Surface Finishes for Custom Pools


Designer Pools offers decorative pool tile for every taste and budget. We will help you discover a tile that reflects your own personal style. Our tile selections include swimming pool waterline, accent and border, stunning glass, hand painted mosaic and outdoor kitchen tile backsplashes. Our Level I & II tiles are typically a 6”, frost proof ceramic tile used for along the waterline under the coping or as spotter tiles in the steps or benches. Level III tiles and above are our high end specialty tiles including glass, hand painted Mexican mosaics and more. Check out our show room today!


Grout is based upon your tile selection and can either be picked to blend with your pool tile, or to visually make it pop off the pool walls. This will be chosen at the time of your Materials Selection meeting along with your tile and other project finishes.

Interior Finish

Surface Finishes for Custom PoolsDesigner Pools offers a variety of interior finish options which include marcite plaster, Designer Pebble Standard, and Pebble Tec products.

  • Pebble Tec is an excellent choice in quality, and maintains its appearance year after year, lasting longer than traditional plaster pool surfaces. This surface offers unlimited design opportunities and will bring your pool or spa to a new level of value and beauty. Pebble Tec brand pool finishes deliver superior materials and are backed by the industry’s strongest warranty of 10 years.
  • Designer Pools & Outdoor Living offers a standard DP Pebble which is an in-house alternative to Pebble Tec. DP Pebble has a warranty of 10 years. It allows clients to have quality product for less.
  • Marcite Plaster is a mixture of white cement and crushed marble, troweled to a smooth finish on an interior surface of a pool or spa. Its life expectancy is between 8-10 years with proper start-up, maintenance and water chemistry. Designer Pools offers a 3 year warranty on this product.


Coping is the material used to cap the pool shell wall and material options vary between stone, concrete, or tile. Poured concrete allow for the coping and pool deck to be unified and give the deck and pool a sleek, modern appearance. Precast concrete coping options range in color, texture and pattern. This can be a less expensive alternative to natural stone or poured concrete. Stone offers warmth and texture and helps to tie together the natural ambiance of the surrounding Texas Hill Country. Options range from sandstone, Oklahoma flagstone, lueder stone, limestone, and more. Swimming pool coping options can range from square or flat, bullnose, chipped or cantilevered.

Deck Options

There are many options available for decking around your swimming pool or outdoor living space. Concrete choices range from stamped, stained, salt finish, or scored pavers, or can be precast which can vary in size, shape and color. Stone options include Oklahoma flagstone, native limestone, lueder, travertine. The stones are laid on a poured concrete slab and mortared together. Stone alternatives may include very large, flagstone pieces laid on compacted aggregate. Wood can also be a great option, and materials such as ipe are very popular for ultra-modern pools showcasing the contrast of natural wood elements with industrial materials from the home or pool. Spray deck is a cement blended product that is coated over an existing surface. The concrete topping provides color and texture, lower surface temperatures and is easy to maintain.