Pool Heating Options

Enjoy year round pool and spa comfort with a one of these heating options:


Pool Heating OptionsGas-fired pool heaters are consistently the most popular system for heating swimming pools and spas and run off natural gas or propane. Gas heaters, however, might not be the most efficient option as compared to solar and heat pump models. These are most efficient when heating pools for a short period of time, are great at quickly heating pools and can maintain any desired temperature regardless of climate. Consider size, efficiency and cost when selecting your gas heater.


Solar pool heating is the most cost-effective use of solar energy in many climates, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Solar thermal systems generate energy by capturing and amplifying the sun’s heat, warming your pools water and extending your swimming season. Solar energy can safely and inexpensively heat your swimming pool or spa, even during chilly days of spring or fall. Typically, solar heating systems have three basic components including a panel – which can be mounted on your roof, fence or any other location that receives optimal sun exposure, a pump – typically your existing pool pump, and a filter. An added benefit for the hot, Texas climate, is that solar pool systems can be used to cool pool water by circulating water at night, when air temperatures are cooler.


Electric heaters use electric currents to create heat. A unique forced-air system makes this an ideal heater for use in Central Texas. Electric heaters are ultra-efficient, low-maintenance and are the perfect choice when considering cost-effective operation or extending your swimming season.