Landscaping Around Pools

The outdoor ambiance surrounding a poolscape is an essential part of the overall design and can add value and luxury to your home and backyard. While you are enjoying poolside activities or entertaining with friends, it is important that your pool’s patio and landscape design matches your lifestyle, as well as complements the flair of your swimming pool and your home. Designer Pools & Outdoor Living offers a creative solution to your pool, spa and landscaping needs.

Plants are key in screening unattractive view or creating privacy. They can be used to soften rock work and make it look more realistic. When the overall look and feel of the space is cohesive, it can truly transport you to an exotic paradise, hill country resort or modern getaway!

Landscaping Around Pools: Selecting Features

Choosing the right combination of materials, textures, colors, forms and shapes,

Landscaping Around PoolsA well designed pool landscape uses plants to enhance and solve problems in a space rather than eliminate them. Plants will screen off unattractive views or create privacy. Plants can bring to life a naturalistic pool by softening rock work and make it appear more realistic. The integration of greenery is what turns a pool yard into a gorgeous landscape, particularly when foliage and flower colors are coordinated with the overall site palette.

Planting is essential to the fantasy backyard. The use of tropical appearing plants is what gives a grotto water feature the look of the South Pacific. For modern landscapes, plants are used in a wholly different way where their forms and textures are an artistic statement in high contrast against industrial materials choices.

If you have trees and bushes nearby that shed pollen, blossoms, and leaves into the pool, consider trimming them back, replacing them with less messy varieties, or using more hardscaping around the pool.