What You Should Know about Saltwater Swimming Pools

Pros & Cons of Saltwater Swimming Pools

Pros of Owning a Saltwater Pool

  • Health Benefits: Salt water pools can provide various health benefits such as:
    • Salt water pools have a low chlorine intensity
    • Lower chlorine content means its less harmful to the skin, feels much softer and smoother and those who have sensitive skin or water allergies will not experience damage to their skin
    • The amount of salt found in a salt water pool is that of the amount found in human tears which is less harsh on swimmers who like to open their eyes under water
  • Lower Chlorine Levels: The pool’s water quality is better due to a continuous circulation while pump is running, and the salt water has less chlorine content compared to a regular pool. Salt water pool systems use chlorine generators that convert salt into chlorine.
  • Low Maintenance: Less maintenance is required for this type of pool, and state-of-the-art technology monitors the water cleanliness and automatically cleans the water. In addition, there is generally no need to purchase, store or handle chlorine. Occasionally situations might arise when (water temperatures are high, swimming occupancy is high, rain, chlorine generator is not working or there is a chemical imbalance) additional chlorine might be needed

Cons of Owning a Saltwater Pool

  • Installation Expense: The initial cost of a chlorine generator is an expensive investment, however you will no longer need to buy chlorine and purchasing salt is less expensive
  • Electricity Use: A chlorine generator produces chlorine when the pump is operating. To produce the amount of chlorine needed for the pool, the pump and filter must be ran for the necessary amount of time based on the gallons of water in your pool. This then results in an increase in electrical costs.
  • Wear and Tear: Salt can be corrosive to coping (especially natural stones: limestone and flagstone, especially), stone waterfalls, decks and any metal (diving board bases, pool ladders, slide legs, furniture, etc). However, a penetrating sealer can be used as protection to these surfaces.
  • Not Eco Friendly: Saltwater pools are not particularly environmentally friendly due to the salinity of the water and can be harmful to plants and fish. Backwashing and draining of saltwater pools into a storm sewer is prohibited in many municipalities.