Factors to Consider When Building a Custom Pool

Maximizing Backyard Space

Imagine how you and your family will be using your new custom swimming pool and backyard. The ultimate goal is to bring your family together, enhance your home’s beauty, and provide fun, relaxation and exercise. Creating a functional space plan for your outdoor area is crucial. Define the size, shape, depth, water features, and location of your new pool or spa. Adding entertainment spaces, lounging or play areas, landscaping or lighting, outdoor kitchens or fire pits, decking and fencing are important to consider while you decide what you wish to include into your backyard. Once you have determined the functionality of your pool and other features, it will help you develop a conceptual design and master plan for your space.

Building a Custom PoolKnow Your Backyard

Our team of talented, experienced and creative designers can enhance your space and transform it into the backyard you’ve always dreamt of! While you are thinking about the design of your pool, spa, our outdoor living, think about its overall location in proximity to your house, to the property line, utility easements, build lines and septic system locations. Keep in mind that steep grades and terrain, little or no access for machinery or construction vehicles, yard size, tree coverage and sun path, impervious cover restrictions, and more can affect the design and build of your project. Although these can be challenges, in the end, your design will complement both your home and landscaping, and will enrich the existing space while adding value and beauty.

Distinctive Features

The feature, materials and functions of your space is what will make it truly special. Let Designer Pools guide you in incorporating features such as decorative waterfalls, breathtaking fire pits or fire places, built in kitchens with state-of-the-art amenities, transformative landscaping and lighting packages, pergolas and more. We can help you to decide what meets your vision and gives your backyard space your own personal touch.

Designer Pools’ Advantage

Designer Pools strives to deliver an outstanding experience, a commitment to excellence and to encourage education, empowerment and imagination. In addition to the design + build process, we want to maintain a long lasting relationship with each family and home owner we work with. The technology, efficiency and sustainability of our products and systems, along with the vast experience and design expertise we offer is a priceless combination only you will experience as a Designer Pools client. As many pool companies are volume driven, Designer Pools builds between 30-40 pools per year. With a more customized process, the home owner experiences a more intimate, home-grown feeling of customer service, communication and dedication that is second to none.

Budget & Phasing

A pool is an investment to enhance and add value to your home, backyard space, and quality of life for your family. Defining your budget is a critical step in moving forward in the design phase for your backyard project. There are many options when it comes to creating a budget and developing a staged plan just for you. Designer Pools will create a Backyard Master Plan that encompasses your phased design project. In addition, phasing your backyard project is an option for those whom plan to add a water feature, lighting system, future plumbing or electrical, etc to the space at a later date. Don’t sacrifice the quality of the pool or its construction in order to save a dollar here or there.

A Time to Build

With the ever changing Texas seasons, we offer year round service for pool design and construction. Although anytime is a good time to build your dream backyard space, we believe fall is the ideal time to build for a number or reasons. Building this time of year will give you a full season of time for fun in the sun with your new pool. Instead of waiting for the spring or summer, take advantage of the slower season, the increase in trade availability, the more predictable weather. Plus now you can get ahead of your landscaping without construction taking place. Head into the new year enjoying the nice weather and your beautiful new backyard!

Payment Options

Many options are available when financing your backyard project. Financing can be obtained and can stretch your payments over a longer term. Designer Pools has partnered with Lyon Financial to offer competitive financing for you.

Maintenance and Repairs

How much time do you have to devote to pool maintenance, or do you plan to hire a service company?
Keep in mind the amount of time you will have to dedicate to managing and taking care of your pool or spa. Designer Pools offers year round routine maintenance and warranty packages which can be customized to fit your budget and what your pool needs. Whether it is a weekly pool cleaning, water chemistry checks, equipment repair or inspections we offer knowledge and customer service to enhance your pool ownership experience.